Text Expansion Pro – Help

When the application is installed for the first time, please follow below steps to configure it.

Configuring Right Click to view Menubar options :

In some Macbooks, the right click is not configured. In order to view the Menu from the menubar icon, one needs to right click on it. If you have mouse, you could directly right click on the Menubar icon of the application to view the menu. If you are using Trackpad, please be sure that “Secondary Click” i.e. tap using two fingers is enabled. If the two finger tap is not configured, please follow below steps to enable right click using two finger tap:

Step 1:  Please click on Top left Apple icon -> System Preferences -> Trackpad

Step 2 : Make sure to enable “Secondary Click” option as shown below :

Allow access for Auto Paste :

Before using the application, please be sure to allow the access for Auto Paste operation.Using Auto Paste, when you are performing the search and if a result is found, the result is automatically pasted into the active application. Please follow the steps shown in the below screenshots to allow access for Auto Paste :


Setting up Shortcut keys to Launch Abbreviation Window :

Please right click on the Menubar icon or tap on it using two fingers on the trackpad. This will bring the menu. There, please click on “Set a shortcut key” on the Menubar icon.

A new window will open. There , please press on the button “Record Shortcut”. After this, please press the shortcut key combination to use. For example : You could press CMD + 1. This will record the shortcut to launch the abbreviation window. Please see the below screenshot for the same :

Granting access from Accessibility 

Depending on the Mac OS Version, you might will be required to grant the application access. This access is just required for normal operation of the application.

In order to Grant the application access, please follow below steps :

a) Click on the top left Apple’s icon on the screen.

b) Click on “System Preferences”

c) When the system preferences window opens, please go to “Security & Privacy”.


d) Inside this page, click on the Tab named “Privacy”. After clicking on the Privacy tab, please scroll down and look for “Accessibility” on the left side as shown in the screenshot below .Click on this option.

e) On the right side, a list of apps will appear.Please make sure that the checkbox for “Text Expansion Pro Helper” is checked.If the checkbox is grayed out, please click on the lock icon at the bottom left to enable it.

Run on startup :

Please be sure to set the application to run at startup.This will make sure that the Menubar icon is available and accessible quickly.Menubar is the location where you see the time.To set the application to run on startup, please go to the preference from main page. (Below is the main page that opens when you click on the Main apps’s icon from Launchpad or Dock.)


Launching abbreviation window :

The abbreviation window could be launched directly by Left Clicking the Menubar icon.If you are using trackpad and if the single tap is enabled, you could launch it by doing a single tap on the trackpad as well. Once the window is launched, enter the abbreviation.When the results are found, the abbreviation search window will automatically disappear and the text will be copied to the active window.To view the menu options, please right click or double tap on the menubar icon.

The abbreviation window works intelligently to auto fill the search result. For example : let us suppose that there is an abbreviation named “Signature”.If you just type “Sig”, the application will find out that there is only one keyword setup which starts with “Sig”. In this case, it will automatically expand the text and paste the signature in the active window.

When using the abbreviation search, please be sure that the application of interest is not minimised and is open on the main screen. This is required so that the application could Auto Paste the expansion to the active window.

The abbreviation window could also be launched by pressing shortcut keys on MacBooks.It can also be opened by Left clicking on the Menubar icon.

To view other options in the Menubar like opening main application’s page or setting preferences, please right click on the Menubar icon of the application.

Note : When you are performing the search and if a result is found, the result is automatically pasted into the active application. The result is also automatically saved to the Clipboard. You can then press CMD and V buttons together as well to paste the expanded text into any application.

Help video showing how to add an Abbreviation & how Auto Paste Works :

** The application supports images also. When creating a new Text record, you could insert the images as well. In order to insert an image, please open the main interface of the application and click on button “New Abbreviation”. A new window will show up. In that window, please drag and drop the image.

Reconfigure application after OS Update

Sometimes, it may happen that the application would need reconfiguration on Mac OS updates.

In this case, please repeat the steps provided above to make sure that all permissions are given. You might will need to give the permission again for Auto Paste operation after the OS updates. Please repeat the steps provided above to grant the application access to Auto Paste.

In case of any issue, please write to us on support@runisoft.com