PDF Annotation Maker for Mac – Help

Help Video :

Highlighting an area in the application :

Step 1: In order to open a PDF file, please go to File -> Open
Step 2: Once you open the file, you will see all option to annotate a PDF on top right side. Here, let us taken an example of “Highlighter” tool. Please click on the Highlighter tool.
Step 3  :  Now you will see that the “Tool Options” window at the right has changed. Here, now you could select the highlight color. As shown in the below screenshot, please check on the “Change” button.
Step 4 : Select a color from the color wheel that appears. This will be your highlight color. Now, Drag on the area that you wish to be highlighted. The selected area/text will be highlighted in the color of choice. In the below screenshot, the Yellow color was selected.
Hence, the highlight is also in the yellow color.