Cinemagraph Maker for Mac

Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs, forming a video clip. They are published as an animated GIF or in other video formats, and can give the illusion that the viewer is watching an animation.

There are certain requirement & prerequisites for making a Cinemagraph. Please go through the below instructions before making the Cinemagraph:

1. The Video should be stable & must not shake

The first requirement is to have a video that is stable. You will need a video that is recorded on a still surface. Such stable videos could be created on a Tripod. Panning movements or handheld shots will not work. When browsing through your existing video, always look for stable shots.

2. Attractive & eye-catching Content

Search for those moments in the video that could draw one’s attention; that you want to watch over and over again. These are the moments that make the best cinemagraphs.

3. No overlapping movement

You can have a stable shot, with beautiful imagery, yet the movement you wish to highlight crashes with something in the foreground/background. To easily create a cinemagraph, pick scenes with no overlapping movement, where the movement is clear and precise.

4. Stable lighting conditions

Be sure to have consistent light conditions inside the video that you select for the Cinemagraph.For example : If a video is bright at the beginning, it should have the same brightness throughout the interval that you select for the cinemagraph.

5. The shorter the better

You may come across a long scene that has all of the components listed above, but that you just can’t seem to shorten in length. Ideally, cinemagraphs are anywhere between 2-5 seconds in total. The shorter the better. You want to tell a story in the shortest amount of time, while holding the viewer’s gaze. The longer the loop, the more people stop watching, and the harder it is to tell your story.

Help Video :

Below are the steps to use Cinemagraph Maker :

The first step is to select the duration of the video in which the Cinemagraph will be applied.For example, let us consider that there is a video of duration 1 minute. Now, we want to apply cinemagraph’s loop effect from 2nd second to 4th second only. In this case, we will have to be sure to select the desired time interval.

This could be done by selecting the start and end points. In this example, the start point will be 2nd second and the end point will be 4th second.

Before selecting the start and end points, please move your mouse cursor over the video that is playing. A slider will appear along with a play/pause button.Please press on the pause button to pause the video.

Now, move the slider to a location that you want to set as a start time. After this, click on “Set Start Point” button.

Similarly move the slider to a desired location and click on “Set end point“ button to set an end point till which the blurring will be applied to the video.

Note : When the mouse pointer is over the video, you could also use the left arrow and the right arrow key to move “frame by frame” and select the exact start or end point.

If you want to use the entire video, please follow below steps (Not Recommended for Cinemagraphs) :

a) Move the mouse pointer to the video.

b) A slider will appear.Pause the video.

c) Move the slider to beginning. Now click on “Set start point”

d) Move the slider to end.Now click on “Set End point”

This will select the entire video.

Once the selection is made, click on the button “Go to next step”.

A new window will open. There, move the slider over the video to capture an appropriate frame that will be used as a still background for the cinemagraph.


After this, press on “Select an area for Looped Motion”.

A new window will open, please select an area to apply the looped Motion.

On the top right side, you will see an option to define the number of times to loop.This option specifies that how many times the Cinemagraph will play if you save it as a video.

Please specify an appropriate value and click on “Make Cinemagraph” button.This will apply the loop effect to a selected area of the video for the time duration that we have selected.

You could also create a GIF file to play the Cinemagraph endlessly.

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