Backwards Video Maker

The below steps provide details on using the application :

a) When the application opens for the first time, you will have to add the videos to it.In order to add the videos, please press on “Add Videos” button present at the top left corner.

b) Once the videos are added, please tap on a video.This video will start playing.

c) On this page, you could either select a part of the video to reverse or reverse the entire video itself.

Now, please look at the top right corner. You will see a button called “Reverse Selection”. Please tap on this button.

d) Once the Video has been reversed, a share dialog will be represented.Please use the share dialog to share the videos with other apps or save them to the Phone.

Accessing the Reversed Videos from Files application

Please open the “Files” application on the phone and go to On My iPhone/On My iPad.

Now, please tap on the application’s folder named “Backwards Video Maker”

After this, tap on the folder “Reversed Videos”. Please be aware that this folder only stores the latest reversed video.If you reverse a new video, the contents of this folder will be overwritten by the new reversed video.